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3 Dogs and a Mom

3 Dogs and a Mom is the place for handmade, limited ingredient dog treats. Today, an endless supply of dog treats is available and ready to chose from. After losing my loyal canine companion, Charlie, at barely 11 years old, I was blessed with 2 loving, energetic Labs — Amos & Otis. This time around, I decided to make better choices and focus on eliminating artificial flavors, colors and preservatives so I started reading labels. I quickly discovered that it is tough to find a dog treat with recognizable ingredients, and soon decided to take things into my own hands. I started experimenting, and the next thing you know I was working with a talented photographer, website designer and preparing batches to submit to a professional Lab for testing. In December 2019, it was official! We successfully obtained our Commercial Feed License from the Department of Agriculture and Amos and Otis were hired into their official roles on the QA Team as Taste Testers.

3 Dogs and a Mom is a family owned business.  Our team is focused on providing high quality, limited ingredient dog treats and impeccable customer service. We love dogs and we are excited to grow and ultimately give back to our community. Do you like what you see on the dog treat labels you’re reading? If not, give 3 Dogs and a Mom a try. You can rest easy, knowing, we will put as much goodness into treats for your dogs as we do for our own!

Aahaa Chai

5260 E 65th Street
Indianapolis, 46220

Products offered: Loose leaf Chai, Chai Concentrates, Ready-to- drink Vegan Chai lattes and Iced teas in 12 oz bottles

Varieties: Maharani’s Bold Masala Chai, Lavender Vanilla Delight, Blissful Rose Chai, ChocoMate Chai, Coconut Zing Chai, Rooibos Kaapi Chai, Serenity Chai, Strawberry Peach Mojito, Tropical Mango Splash, Pina colada, White Blueberry Sarbeth

Website:  https://aahaachai.com/ 
Please select BWFM (Summer) – Woolery mill – For free market pick up

Facebook: aahaachai
Instagram – @aahaachai
Twitter – @aahaachai

Good Life Farms

Our unique hydroponic growing system allows us grow lettuce and greens all year round using no harmful chemicals and pesticides. We are located in Solsberry and utilize a wood boiler to produce heat throughout our complex during the winter months. We also offer many varieties of Oyster, Lions Mane and Shiitake Mushrooms. All mushrooms are grown on our farm inside four high tech climate controlled rooms. We promise to provide healthy high quality products to you for many years to come. Nate and Lee would like to thank all of our customers for your long term support.

All of our products are grown using ORMI Standards, which allows us to produce Organically grown products but not “Certified Organic”. Good Life Farms is focused on responsible growing methods for sustainability into the future.

Our products can be purchased in both Bloomington and Spencer at all BloomingFoods locations, Feast Cellar, C3, DeAngelo’s, Truffles, Babbs and the Bloomington Winter Farmers Market.

Good Life Farms
12194 E Wagner Road
Solsberry, Indiana 47359

Website: www.goodlifefarms.com

FaceBook: Good Life Farms@goodlifefarmsindiana

Just Me Farm

Founded in 2019, Just Me Farm is a small 2 acre homestead located on the Southwest side of Bloomington off of Weimer Road. Dedicated to organic growing practices, and focusing on sustainable and natural fruit and vegetable farming.

Grown by Caleb, just for you, is a seasonal selection of radishes, turnips, salad mixes and greens, peas, carrots, potatoes, eggplant, peppers, tomatoes, squash and more! Pea shoots and microgreens are also a weekly staple, with freshly cut trays of microgreens offered at the market. Just Me Farm also produces artisinal malt vinegar. Caleb transitioned from a career in the brewing industry, and enjoys the hard work, constant learning, and new challenges in building a small agricultural system in his own backyard.

Just Me Farm
1808 S. Weimer Rd.
Bloomington, IN 47403
Instagram: @justmefarm

Muddy Fork Bakery

Muddy Fork is home to Indiana’s only wood-fired, solar-powered brick-oven bakery, where we make the finest sourdough and whole-grain breads and world-class pastries. We mill organic wheats, rye, and kamut fresh for each bake on our stone mill. We use only organic grain, the majority from Janie’s Farm in Ashkum, IL. We make our bread in the ancient tradition of great bread–lots of water, freshly milled flour, salt and a wild leavening culture. The fermentation is long and slow, and the loaves have a crust that crackles and a light, moist crumb that keeps for days. We bake all night Friday nights and bring our bread and pastries at the peak of freshness to the farmers’ market and stores.

We also have an on-line store:  muddyforkbakery.square.site for Saturday mornings with options for home delivery, 6 neighborhood pick-up locations plus pick-ups available at Bloomingfoods East and the Bakery.

Also find our products at Bloomingfoods East & West, Bethel Lane Farm stop and Broadview Farm Share

Sazon Mexican Cuisine

Sazón is the name of our family business, which means seasoning and that a great product is delivered perfect and delicious.

We are a Mexican family that fell in love with Bloomington, and all the diversity and the various products available throughout the year. That’s what encouraged us to start this business on April 2016 with the Bloomington Farmers Market. We want to bring our Mexican heritage to the people of Bloomington and provide delicious authentic street tacos and salsas.

Our goal is to highlight the beautiful ingredients of Indiana, by applying traditional Mexican methods of cooking and spices to create delicious salsas, tacos and sweets. For the people that are familiar with those flavors and for those who are not, we’ll be able to enjoy an amazing local product with the bolds flavors of Mexican Cuisine.

Chef Jesus Barajas and wife Maria Ucan will be striving every Saturday at the Market to deliver the best costumer service possible and the the best product available to make people happy.

Online store: https://sazonmc.square.site/
Facebook: @sazontaqueria 
Instagram: @sazon_mexican_cuisine
Email: sazonrestaurant2016@gmail.com

Schacht Farm

Schacht Farm, located just 5 miles south of the market, is owned by Mandy Corry, and with the help of her son, Abe, and some very committed friends, has been providing Bloomington with pork, chicken and eggs from pastured, free-ranging animals for the last 14 years. Animals are given an environment with plenty of space, along with non-GMO grains. The farm operates a year-round meat and egg CSA.

Instagram and Facebook- @schachtfarm

Scholar’s Inn Bakehouse

The Scholars Inn Bakehouse was created 20 years ago to offer the Bloomington community world class European breads and pastries.

In 2001, Lyle & Kerry Feigenbaum, owners of the the very popular upscale restaurant, The Scholars Inn Gourmet Cafe & Wine Bar, purchased the Bakehouse to offer their guests gourmet breads and baked goods. Very quickly word spread of the quality of Bakehouse products. Soon Bakehouse breads, bagels pastries and of course Bakehouse Granola were found in restaurants all over the Bloomington area. Within the next few years these products were found all over the Midwest as the Scholars Inn Bakehouse teamed with wholesalers and major retailers in the area.

As our sales grew, so too did our facitlities! In 2006, Scholars Inn Bakehouse wholesale operation moved from the original downtown Bloomington location to a 10,000 square foot facility just north of Bloomington . Though Bakehouse products proudly do not use preservatives, you can now find them throughout the Midwest and on Amazon, especially Bakehouse Granola, which has the most dedicated following in the industry!


Wild Alaska Salmon & Seafood

My name is Tony Wood, fisherman and owner of Wild Alaska Salmon & Seafood. I have spent 25+ years in Alaska as a sport fishing guide, pilot and commercial fisherman. Over those years, I have found a real need for high quality, wild-caught Alaskan Salmon at a reasonable price to be made available in the lower 48 states. My mission from the beginning of Wild Alaska Salmon & Seafood was to eliminate the middle-man and large corporation processors and be able to sell a product where I can guarantee the highest quality because I am the harvester, processor and salesman. As I always say, “You buy your produce from the farmer. Why not buy your fish from the fisherman?”

During the summer fishing season in Alaska, I am the Captain of my boat, the Oly, and my wife Heather is processing the catch to be directly distributed throughout the year from us to our farmers’ market customer, wholesalers and individual online customers. Wild Alaska Salmon & Seafood does not sell to any corporate chains.

To ensure the highest quality possible, every fish that I catch is iced and bled on board my boat, delivered to shore twice a day after every tide, and immediately processed and blast-frozen at my facility. There are over 2000 fisherman in my region of Alaska and I am the only one that is completely independent. I handle and manage every aspect of the process, from being caught to being bought. All of Alaska’s fisheries are certified sustainable and management of them is even included in the state constitution. After the fishing season ends, my fish and my family relocate to Southern Illinois where we spend our winters direct marketing our salmon to independent retailers, including co-op grocery stores and restaurants as well as farmer’s markets. We utilize email marketing and social media to communicate to our very loyal existing customer base to advertise and promote the markets where our products are sold.

In February of 2014, my wife and I had our first born son, Max. Due to this addition to our family, we hired our first full-time employee in November. Josh comes from Bloomingfoods Market & Deli in Bloomington, IN where he has spent the last 10 years as the meat/seafood manager. As a customer of ours, Josh was able to see first-hand the impact that our products made to his department. Josh has been involved with every aspect of our business including fishing seasons with us in Alaska and as a processor/manager. He now handles all of the day-to-day operations as well as our IN farmers’ market guru! All in all, he was the perfect fit for our company.

Wild Alaska Salmon & Seafood
P.O. Box 602
King Salmon, Alaska 99613

Website: www.wildalaskasalmonandseafood.com
Facebook: Wild Alaska Salmon & Seafood

Winderlove Farm

Owners: Kyle & Maeve Smith

5735 W. Duvall Rd.
Bloomington, IN 47403

Products we sell: Lettuce mix, head lettuce, microgreens, radish, turnips, seasonal flower bouquets, cherry & roma tomatoes, snack peppers, basil, cilantro, parsley, kale, collards & zucchini

Website: www.wilderlovefarm.com   
Square store: http://my-site-wilderlovefarm.square.site/ 
Facebook: Wilderlove Farm         
Instagram: wilderlovefarm