"Menu" for 3/21/20

Unfortunately we had to cap orders at Noon on 3/19 to allow for our vendors to process. Thank you all for your support!

If you have any questions email us at bloomingtonwinterfarmersmarket@gmail.com

Metta GardensRaw fermented sauerkraut – Apple Juniper7 oz.$5.00
Raw fermented sauerkraut – Apple Juniper14.5 oz.$10.00
Raw fermented sauerkraut – Apple Juniper31 oz.$18.00
Raw fermented sauerkraut – Caraway7 oz.$5.00
Raw fermented sauerkraut – Caraway14.5 oz.$10.00
Raw fermented sauerkraut – Caraway31 oz.$18.00
Raw fermented sauerkraut – Classic7 oz.$5.00
Raw fermented sauerkraut – Classic14.5 oz.$10.00
Raw fermented sauerkraut – Classic31 oz.$18.00
Raw fermented sauerkraut – Golden7 oz.$5.00
Raw fermented sauerkraut – Golden14.5 oz.$10.00
Raw fermented sauerkraut – Golden31 oz.$18.00
Raw fermented sauerkraut – Ranch7 oz.$5.00
Raw fermented sauerkraut – Ranch14.5 oz.$10.00
Raw fermented sauerkraut – Ranch31 oz.$18.00
Raw fermented sauerkraut – Southwestern7 oz.$5.00
Raw fermented sauerkraut – Southwestern14.5 oz.$10.00
Raw fermented sauerkraut – Southwestern31 oz.$18.00
Raw fermented kimchi – Mild7 oz.$5.00
Raw fermented kimchi – Mild14.5 oz.$10.00
Raw fermented kimchi – Mild31 oz.$18.00
Raw fermented kimchi – Medium7 oz.$5.00
Raw fermented kimchi – Medium14.5 oz.$10.00
Raw fermented kimchi – Medium31 oz.$18.00
Raw fermented kimchi – Hot7 oz.$5.00
Raw fermented kimchi – Hot14.5 oz.$10.00
Raw fermented kimchi – Hot31 oz.$18.00
Raw fermented kimchi – Mild (VEGAN)7 oz.$5.00
Raw fermented kimchi – Mild (VEGAN)14.5 oz.$10.00
Raw fermented kimchi – Mild (VEGAN)31 oz.$18.00
Raw fermented kimchi – Medium (VEGAN)7 oz.$5.00
Raw fermented kimchi – Medium (VEGAN)14.5 oz.$10.00
Raw fermented kimchi – Medium (VEGAN)31 oz.$18.00
Raw fermented kimchi – Hot (VEGAN)7 oz.$5.00
Raw fermented kimchi – Hot (VEGAN)14.5 oz.$10.00
Raw fermented kimchi – Hot (VEGAN)31 oz.$18.00
Heartland Family FarmDried Beans (grower’s choice)Package$5.00
Dried ApplesPackage$5.00
Dog TreatsPackage$5.00
Fresh RosemaryBunch$5.00
Frozen strawberriesPound$4.75
Frozen BlackberriesPound$4.75
Frozen blueberriesPound$4.75
strawberry jamJar$5.00
mixed berry jamJar$5.00
blackberry jamJar$5.00
Lamb chops2 per package (price by weight)$19.00
Ground lamb1 lb package$11.00
Shoulder roastassorted weights$12.00
Leg roastassorted weights$12.00
Shank2 per package (price by weight)$12.00
Offalassorted weights$12.00
Earth Song FarmSpinachbag$4.00
Linnea’s GreenhouseCurly parsley 3.5″ poteach$3.00
Manfredia 3.5″ poteach$6.00
Pony tail palm 3.5″ poteach$6.00
Stapelia 3.5″each$6.00
Agave mixed 3.5″ poteach$6.00
Flap jacks kalanchoe 3.5″ poteach$6.00
Crown of thorns 3.5″ poteach$6.00
Aloe vera 3.5″ poteach$6.00
Dill mammoth 3.5″ poteach$3.00
Sorrel red 3.5″ poteach$3.00
Sage 3.5″ poteach$3.00
Butterfly bush pink 6″ poteach$8.00
Butterfly bush hot pink 6″ poteach$8.00
Butterfly bush purple 6″ poteach$8.00
Hens and chickens 3.5″ poteach$6.00
Holly fern 4″ poteach$6.00
Trailing jade 3.5″ poteach$6.00
Ficus tree variegated 3.5″ poteach$6.00
Rabbits foot fern 3.5″ poteach$6.00
Caterpillar fern 3.5″ poteach$6.00
Amaryllis white/pink edge double 6″each$10.00
Amaryllis charisma pink 6″ poteach$10.00
Amaryllis double red 6″ poteach$10.00
Climbing ficus variegated 3.5″ poteach$6.00
Hoya mixed 3.5″ poteach$6.00
Monstera 6″ poteach$10.00
Coral bells black knight 6″ poteach$8.00
Coral bells black knight 3.5″ poteach$6.00
Venus fly trap 3.5″ poteach$8.00
Sundew 3.5″ poteach$7.00
Pitcher plants 3.5″ poteach$8.00
Wheatgrass 4″ poteach$1.00
Freedom Valley Farm
Lettuce MixBag$4.50
Red Stem SpinachBag$4.50
Salad Mix SpicyBag$4.50
Carrots FreshBunch$4.50
Micro GreensBag$4.00
Pea ShootsBag$4.00
Sunflower ShootsBag$4.00
Mushrooms, Shiitake1/4 lb$4.00
Mushrooms, Oyster1/4 lb$4.00
Mushroom, Lions Mane1/4 lb$4.00
American Mushroom & Spice Co.Fresh Products
Oyster mushrooms (fresh) blue1/4 Pound$4.00
Oyster mushrooms (fresh) white1/4 Pound$4.00
Oyster mushrooms (fresh) Italian mixed1/4 Pound$4.00
Shiitake mushrooms (fresh)1/4 Pound$5.00
Lions Mane (fresh)1/4 Pound$5.00
King Oyster (fresh)1/4 Pound$5.00
Dried Products
Oyster mushrooms wholePackage .64 ounce$3.00
Oyster mushrooms (caps only no stem)Package .80 ounce$7.00
Vegan Broth base (oyster mushroom stems)Package 1.0 once$4.00
Italian oyster mushroomPackage .64 ounce$5.00
Lions manePackage .64 ounce$7.00
Shiitake oyster blendPackage 1.0 once$10.00
Hickory Oyster dry rub & marinatedSpice jar 1.0 ounce$9.00
Milled blue oyster powderSpice jar 1.0 ounce$7.00
Milled Italian oysterSpice jar 1.0 ounce$7.00
Morningside FarmArugulabag$3.00
Bok Choyhead/bundle$3.00
Chinese Cabbagehead/bundle$3.00
Green Cabbagehead$3.00
Kale-Red Russianbag$3.00
Mixed Saladbag$3.00
Red Radishesbundle$2.00
Scarlet Frillsbag$3.00
Swiss Chardbundle$3.00
Piccoli DolciCORNETTO w. pastry creameach$4.00
CORNETTO ham and cheeseeach$6.00
LEMON TARTeach$3.00
APRICOT CROSTATA (square)each$3.00
RASPBERRY CROSTATA (square)each$3.00
APRICOT CROSTATA (7 in diameter)each$17.00
RASPBERRY CROSTATA (7 in diameter)each$17.00
NOCCIOLATA (3in diameter)each$4.50
NOCCIOLATA (6 in diameter)each$17.00
BLUEBERRY-RICOTTA SOUFFLE’ (4 in diameter)each$6.00
PEAR-VANILLA TORTE (4 in diameter)each$6.00
PEAR-VANILLA TORTE (7 in diameter)each$17.00
BAKED CHOCOLATE MOUSSE (4 in diameter)each$6.00
EASTER WREATH (w apricot filling)each$20.00
EASTER BRAID (w apricot filling)each$17.00
COOKIES – CANTUCCI (large bag – 250 g)each$8.50
COOKIES – CANTUCCI (small bag – 100 g)each$3.50
COOKIES – LINGUE DI GATTO (large bag – 250 g)each$8.50
COOKIES – LINGUE DI GATTO (small bag – 100 g)each$3.50
COOKIES – KRUMIRI (large bag – 250 g)each$8.50
COOKIES – KRUMIRI (small bag – 100 g)each$3.50
COOKIES – ZAETI (large bag – 250 g)each$8.50
COOKIES – ZAETI (small bag – 100 g)each$3.50
COOKIES – NOVELLINI (large bag – 250 g)each$8.50
COOKIES – NOVELLINI (small bag – 100 g)each$3.50
COOKIES -MIELE (large bag – 250 g)each$8.50
COOKIES – MIELE (small bag – 100 g)each$3.50
COOKIES – PAN DI STELLE (large bag – 250 g)each$8.50
COOKIES – PAN DI STELLE (small bag – 100 g)each$3.50
COOKIES -NOCCIOLINI (large bag – 250 g)each$8.50
COOKIES – NOCCIOLINI (small bag – 100 g)each$3.50
Sazon Mexican CuisineChorizo and egg chilaquileseach$7.00
Braised pork Hasheach$7.00
Huevo rancheroeach$6.00
Yucatan braised port Tacoeach$4.00
Potatoes, organic tempeh, poblano pepers Tacoeach$4.00
McGee’s Heartland FarmWhite potatoespound$2.00
Country hampackage$9.00
Whole duckeach$25.00
Pork roastpackage$20.00
Pork chopspack of 2$12.00
Pork ribspackage$15.00
Pork soup bonespackage$8.00
Persimmon pulp2 cup$8.00
Ground beef1lb$6.00
Chicken noodle souppint$10.00
Potato, ham, and leek souppint$10.00
Tuscan vegetable souppint$10.00
Curry coconut squash souppint$10.00
Beef & Bean chilipint$10.00
Pumpkin soup w/bacon and pepitaspint$10.00
Spicy greens mixbag$5.00
Yellow forsythia branch bouquetbundle$10.00
Daffodil bouquetbundle$10.00
Brown County CoffeeMedium/Light Roast$11 each; $9 per additional lb
Mexico1 lb bag$11.00
Guatemala1 lb bag$11.00
Honduras1 lb bag$11.00
Costa rica1 lb bag$11.00
Colombia1 lb bag$11.00
Peru1 lb bag$11.00
Java Island1 lb bag$11.00
Sidamo1 lb bag$11.00
Mellow Gold1 lb bag$11.00
Northern Italian Espresso1 lb bag$11.00
Pure Decaf Medium1 lb bag$11.00
Dark Roasts
Bali Blue Moon1 lb bag$11.00
Brazil Collection1 lb bag$11.00
Mocha Java1 lb bag$11.00
Timor1 lb bag$11.00
Audrey’s Blend1 lb bag$11.00
Ethiopia Dark1 lb bag$11.00
Espresso Dark1 lb bag$11.00
Sumatra French1 lb bag$11.00
French Roast1 lb bag$11.00
Decaf Dark1 lb bag$11.00
Schacht Farmeggsdozen$5.00
whole chicken~4 lbs.$4.75/lb
whole cut up chicken~4 lbs.$5/lb
bone-in chicken breast ~2 lbs.$9.50/lb
chicken leg quarters~2 lbs.$6.50/lb
chicken stock packages~ 3 lbs.$3.75/lb
bone-in pork chops~2.5 lbs.$7.50/lb
belly bacon~1 lb.$10.00/lb
jowl bacon~1 lb.$10.00/lb
sage sausage- bulk~1 lb.$8.50/lb
sage sausage- patties~1 lb.$8.50/lb
sage sausage- links~1 lb.$8.50/lb
bratwurst~1 lb.$8.50/lb
seasoned pork burgers~1 lb.$8.50/lb
italian sausage~1 lb.$8.50/lb
ground pork~1 lb.$8.50/lb
Aahaa ChaiMaharani’s Bold Masala Chai1 oz. loose leaf bag$5.00
Lavender Vanilla Delight1 oz. loose leaf bag$5.00
Blissful Rose Chai1 oz. loose leaf bag$5.00
ChocoMate Chai1 oz. loose leaf bag$5.00
Coconut Zing Chai1 oz. loose leaf bag$5.00
Rooibos Kaapi Chai1 oz. loose leaf bag$5.00
Serenity Chai1 oz. loose leaf bag$5.00
Strawberry Peach Mojito1 oz. loose leaf bag$5.00
Maharani’s Bold Masala Chai5 oz. loose leaf bag$20.00
Lavender Vanilla Delight5 oz. loose leaf bag$20.00
Blissful Rose Chai5 oz. loose leaf bag$20.00
ChocoMate Chai5 oz. loose leaf bag$20.00
Coconut Zing Chai5 oz. loose leaf bag$20.00
Rooibos Kaapi Chai5 oz. loose leaf bag$20.00
Assam Black Tea5 oz. loose leaf bag$15.00
Green Tea5 oz. loose leaf bag$15.00
Oolong Tea5 oz. loose leaf bag$15.00
White Tea5 oz. loose leaf bag$15.00
Maharani’s Bold Masala Chai1/2 Gallon [Makes 1 gallon (~15/16 cups of chai)] *concentrate $10.00
Maharani’s Bold Masala Chai (Unsweetened)1/2 Gallon *concentrate$10.00
Lavender Vanilla Delight1/2 Gallon *concentrate$10.00
Blissful Rose Chai1/2 Gallon *concentrate$10.00
ChocoMate Chai1/2 Gallon *concentrate$10.00
ChocoMate Chai (Semi sweetened)1/2 Gallon *concentrate$10.00
Coconut Zing Chai1/2 Gallon *concentrate$10.00
Rooibos Kaapi Chai (unsweetened)1/2 Gallon *concentrate$10.00
Serenity Chai1/2 Gallon *concentrate$10.00
Can’t buy a cup? No worries! We will package it in a JUG for you. You just have to put it in a cup and heat it up for a hot chai or enjoy it cold
Maharani’s Bold Masala Chai1 Quart Ready-to-drink Vegan chai Latte (with almond milk) (makes three 12 oz cups)$10.00
Maharani’s Bold Masala Chai (unsweetened)1 Quart Ready-to-drink$10.00
Lavender Vanilla Delight1 Quart Ready-to-drink$10.00
Blissful Rose Chai1 Quart Ready-to-drink$10.00
ChocoMate Chai1 Quart Ready-to-drink$10.00
Coconut Zing Chai1 Quart Ready-to-drink$10.00
Rooibos Kaapi Chai (unsweetened)1 Quart Ready-to-drink$10.00
Serenity Chai1 Quart Ready-to-drink$10.00
Maharani’s Bold Masala Chai1 Quart Ready-to-drink chai (without any milk) (makes three 12 oz cups)- Add splash of milk at home$10.00
Maharani’s Bold Masala Chai (unsweetened)1 Quart Ready-to-drink$10.00
Lavender Vanilla Delight1 Quart Ready-to-drink$10.00
Blissful Rose Chai1 Quart Ready-to-drink$10.00
ChocoMate Chai1 Quart Ready-to-drink $10.00
Coconut Zing Chai1 Quart Ready-to-drink$10.00
Rooibos Kaapi Chai1 Quart Ready-to-drink$10.00
Strawberry Peach Mojito1 Quart Ready-to-drink$10.00
Living Roots FarmSalad Mix.25 lb bag$4.00
Rainbow Chard.4 lb bunch$3.00
Purple Fingerling Potatoesper lb$2.00
Ham-Slicedper lb$6.40
Sandwich Hamper lb$6.40
Smoked Baconper lb$7.80
Smoked Jowl Baconper lb$7.80
Canadian Baconper lb$7.80
Pork Chopsper lb$7.80
Pork Shoulderper lb$6.40
Ground Porkper lb$6.40
Spare Ribsper lb$5.60
Baby Back Ribsper lb$6.40
Bratwurstper lb$6.40
Pork Cutlet (for Tenderloin Sandwich)per lb$6.40
Lardper lb$4.00
Sage Sausage (Bulk,Piggy Links, Patties)per lb$6.40
Italian Sausage (Bulk, Links, or Piggy Links)per lb$6.40
Chorizoper lb$6.40
Salt and Pepper Sausageper lb$6.40
Tenderloinper lb$15.80
Boneless Pork Loinper lb$9.40
Pork Neckbonesper lb$3.20
Ground Beefper lb$6.50
Chuck Roastper lb$7.00
Fillet Steakper lb$17.60
Ribeye Steakper lb$12.00
Sirloin Steakper lb$12.00
NY Strip Steakper lb$12.00
Sirloin Tip Steakper lb$9.60
Flank Steakper lb$9.60
Skirt Steaksper lb$10.00
Bolognaper lb$10.00
Franksper lb$10.00
Short Ribsper lb$6.00
Soup Bones, Marrow Bonesper lb$4.00
Muddy ForkSunflower Whole Wheat loafeach$5.75
Sesame whole wheat loafeach$5.75
Soft pretzelseach$2.75
Rustic Sourdough loafeach$5.75
Jewish Rye loafeach$5.75
Seeded Kamut loafeach$5.75
Whole Kamut loaf, unseededeach$5.75
Whole Kamut loaf, sesame & fenneleach$5.75
Danish Rye loafeach$5.75
Oatmeal Wheat loafeach$5.75
Gluten-free sourdough loafeach$6.50
Irish soda breadeach$5.75
Toasted-oat sconeeach$3.00
Plain croissanteach$3.75
Almond croissanteach$3.75
Pretzel croissanteach$3.75
Chocolate croissanteach$3.75
Ham & Swiss croissanteach$4.50
Greens & Swiss croissanteach$4.50
Fire-toasted granola, 2 lbseach$15.75
Fire-toasted granola, 10 ozeach$6.25
Sunny Seeds granola, 2 lbseach$15.75
Sunny Seeds granola, 10 ozeach$6.25
Muesli, 2 lbseach$15.75
Muesli, 10 ozeach$6.25
Grain-free Granola Bites, 7 ozeach$6.25
Granola bars, 4-packeach$10.00
Granola bars, singleeach$2.75
Pancake mixeach$5.50
Poseys and PumpkinsEggsdozen$4.00
Swiss chardbunch$3.00
Salad mixbag$3.50
Green onionsbunch$1.25
Collard greensbunch$3.00
Beet greensbunch$3.00
Turnip greensbunch$3.00
Mustard greensbag$3.00
Hanging fernseach$15.00
Perennial creeping phlox, 1 gallon poteach$8; 3 for $20
Pansies, violas, stock,snapdragons, dianthus3-pack; or 36 plants$2; or $16
Tulip bouquets (first come, first serve!)bunch$6.00
Ground porklb$6.00
Mild sausagelb$6.00
Pork chopslb$6.00
Ham steaks (smoked or fresh)package$5.00
Jowl baconpackage$7.00
Smoked sausage2 lb$12.00
Pork liverpint$5.00
Ground lamblb$9.00
Stew meatlb$12.99
Leg of lamblb$14.99
Ground turkeylb$9.00
Whole chickenlb$3.99
Leg quarterslb$4.50
Chicken gizzardslb$3.50
Whole ducklb$4.99
Duck feetlb$4.50
Duck gizzardslb$3.50
Rhodes Family FarmSage sausage (bulk)1# package$6.75/lb
Italian sausage (bulk)1# package$6.75/lb
Chorizo saus. (bulk)1# package$6.75/lb
Ground pork (bulk)1# package$6.75/lb
Sausage patties, sage1# package (4 per)$7/lb
Sage piggy links1# package (10 per)$7/lb
Sage links (brat size)1# package (4 per)$7/lb
Italian links (brat size)1# package (4 per)$7/lb
Boneless loin1#-1.5# package (4 per)$8/lb
Pork chops (bone-in)1.25-2.25# package (4 per)$8/lb
Shoulder Roast1.25#-1.5# package$7.75/lb
Tenderloin1#-1.5# package$8/lb
Spare Ribs1.5#-2# package$5.75/lb
Babyback Ribs1#-1.5# package$6.75/lb
Bacon (Belly)1# package$8.25/lb
Jowl Bacon1# package$8.25/lb
Canadian Bacon1# package1$8.25/lb
Smoked Pork Chops1.5#-2# package (4 per)$8.25/lb
Ham Steak1.25#-1.5# package (1 slice per)$7.75/lb
Sandwich Ham1# package$7.75/lb
Ham Hocks.5#-1# package$7.75/lb
Pork Liver1# package$3/lb
Pork Neckbones1.25#-1.75# package$2.50/lb
Whole Chicken2.5#-4# package$4/lb
Feast Market & CellarBacon cheddar egg tarteach$7.00
Mushroom Gruyere egg tarteach$7.00
Sausage feta and fennel hand pieeach$6.00
Tamale 4-pack (Flavors: Pork, Chipotle Chicken, Mango Chicken, Cheddar Pork Chorizo, Black Beans, Lentil Plantain [vegan], Green Chili Cheese, Papa Poblano)each (4-pack)$18.00
Meat island pieeach$7.00
Vegetarian island pieeach$7.00
Blueberry buttermilk muffineach$4.00
Sour cream coffee cakeeach$4.00
Salted caramel chocolate shortbreadseach$4.50
Lemon barseach$4.00
Crème brûlée cheesecake barseach$5.00
Turtle cheesecake barseach$6.00
Pecan barseach$4.00
Feast granolabag$8.00
Seed crackerseach$8.00
Prepackaged soup (Chicken vegetable curry or hungarian mushroom)16 oz.$12.00
Prepackaged soup (Chicken vegetable curry or hungarian mushroom)32 oz.$18.00
Hunter’s HoneyClover Honey8 oz$5.25
Wildflower Honey8oz$5.25
Clover Honey Bear12 oz$7.00
Wildflower Honey Bear12oz$7.00
Clover Honey16oz$8.75
Wildflower Honey16oz$8.75
Clover Honey (2 lbs)32oz (2lbs)$16.00
Wildflower Honey (2 lbs)32oz (2lbs)$16.00
Clover Honey (Glass)5lb$30.25
Wildflower Honey (Glass)5lb$30.25
Clover Honey1/2 gallon$36.00
Wildflower Honey1/2 gallon$36.00
Clover HoneyGallon$60.75
Wildflower HoneyGallon$60.75
2×4 box cut comb$10.00
4×4 box cut comb$18.00
Original Spun Honey$8.75
Cinnamon Spun Honey$8.75
Raw Honeypint jar$14.00
Raw Honey5lb jar$30.25
Raw HoneyGallon$60.75
Bee Pollen8oz$14.00
Clover Honey stix4 for $1.00
Wildflower Honey Stix4 for $1.00
Beeswax1oz bar$2.25
Beeswax4oz bar$6.00
Beeswax8oz bar$9.00
Beeswax16oz bar$15.00
Tealights4 pack$5.00
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